Post-pause / by Mathilde Johnsen

Pause. And GO!

Tonight is the opening night of The Summer Without Men at Republique, after Siri Hustvedt's novel. The play is directed by Peter Langdal, stars three fabulous actresses, and has a wonderful production team which I have been privileged to be a part of, first as production assistant and now as stagehand for the next 6 weeks of performances. 

 Ulla Henningsen / Tammi Øst / Marie Bach Hansen © Per Morten Abrahamsen

Ulla Henningsen / Tammi Øst / Marie Bach Hansen
© Per Morten Abrahamsen

Returning to Denmark, I've met a lot of great people who took the time to chat with me about how professional theatre worked here, have shown me around their theatres and productions, and given me advice on who else to get in touch with. It is amazing to feel the sense of community among theatres and theatre makers here, and the focus on furthering theatre in general, rather than narrowly competing against each other for audiences.

After a few months of summer, and spending a few hours or days of theatre here and there, I was definitely ready to be busy again- and so it's been amazing to start work at Republique, as part of the larger team in the run-up, and now the 3 woman backstage team helping out the 3 women front stage. The set is a crazy cardboard box wonderland, which has been fun to help build and which is used in so many great ways (still amazed the actresses can keep track of which boxes are which) – the only thing we don't have is a box fitted on a flying drone, I think. 

Its a great production about the breadth of female experience, viewed through the mind of a woman left by her husband of 30 years (so may not have an entirely balanced view of the male sex). But it is funny, nuanced, and these three women manage to play a great array of characters ranging from a 3-year old to a 97-year old, all with amazing depth. We'll be around until 12th December!